Roger Poon

Roger Poon is a Silicon Valley-based software engineer and the creator of the JS++ programming language. Roger has nearly two decades of programming experience having been programming since 1997, beginning with Delphi 3.

Roger has led web and software projects since the age of 9. During the ages of 13-15, Roger founded his first online software company, ZoomForge. He created Guardian Storage and GuardianFS, a secure virtual file system written in C++/C# built on top of NTFS ADS. Guardian Storage was featured on Neowin, one of the top Windows technology websites. Guardian Storage also introduced BlitzProbe, a search engine for full file system instant search ("search as you type") when Windows file searches would take longer than full web searches.

Roger has spearheaded a multitude of large-scale and sophisticated software projects. At the age of 22, Roger became senior software engineer, having been offered senior engineering and architecture roles for leading international hedge funds, technology startups, and media companies.




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